Zimbabwe National Road Administration

Functions of ZINARA

Management, allocation and disbursement of road funds to road authorities.

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Funds Mobilisation

ZINARA revenue sources and the ways it is collected.

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Funds Disbursements

Allocation of funds for road maintenance will be based on
demonstrated needs and the amount of revenue raised by ZINARA

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Monitering & Evaluation

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Who we fund

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Funds Audit

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Internal Policies

An organisational ‘Policy’ is a predetermined course of action, which is established to provide guidelines towards accepted business operations in implementing strategies and objectives
Policy development is one of the most important aspects of a business, because policies establish a framework from which to build a solid foundation for business success. The guidance and structure that organizational policies provide can make or break a company. Workplace policies are a requirement for promoting job satisfaction, employee engagement and productivity. As a result, your company policies can have a significant impact on your business reputation, ability to attract qualified talent and retain high-performing employees.
Apart from the legal framework and statues, ZINARA is also governed by internal policies crafted to guide the functions and operations of the entity in fulfillment of its mandate. The various functions guided by policy include but are not limited to; Audit and Risk, General Administration, Information Communications Technology, Human Capital Management, Technical Operations, Revenue Collection (Tolling and Licencing), Corporate Communications, Financial Management and Procurement.