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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Provide such details as may be required in the prescribed form Produce the registration book relating to the vehicle Pay to the registering officer any fee imposed by registering officer.
  • This is a charge to all vehicles that are not utilising our roads. The owner must visit either ZINARA Head Office or any ZIMPOST, CBZ Bank, METBANK or ZABG Bank and apply for exemption. But there must be justifiable reasons why you required an exemption. To some extent, we may refer that motorist to VID for further inspection of the vehicle before awarding a certificate of exemption. And exemption is not done in retrospect; we only accept that particular term and all other previous terms must be paid arrears.
  • Vehicle which are off the road or grounded as a result of lack of spares must be exempted.
  • An exemption certificate or a licence may be taken out for a period of a four to twelve months and, in the case of a vehicle which is being licenced for the first time in Zimbabwe, such license may be issued for any period not exceeding fifteen months.
  • Vehicle licences are available at designated ZIMPOST centres nationwide, CBZ Bank, METBANK and Allied Bank nationwide.
  • Bulk customers, corporate organisations and major transporters may visit ZINARA Head Office for executive service.
  • Vehicle registration book
  • Valid insurance cover note

Ideally all lanes should be open at all times. However, motorists may at times come across closed and blocked lanes.

  • Closed Lanes

    Lanes can be closed if there is system and equipment maintenance in progress.

  • Blocked lanes

    Blocked lanes arise when there are broken vehicles on the lane.

  • How to identify open and blocked lanes

    A lane is indicated as open lane through a green light right at the roof of the tollgate canopy directly overhead the lane.

    A lane is indicated as closed by a red cross light at the roof of the tollgate canopy directly overhead the lane

Manual ticketing system is maintained as a back-up system that is used when the following situations arise:

  • When there is complete system challenge or failure
  • When there is a blocked lane due to broken down vehicles
  • Where there are heavy traffic queues (congestion) that cannot be easily and quickly cleared during peak periods and busy holidays
  • Where there is no power and back up source fail to power the system

The following is a list of what is expected from each client when approaching a designated tolling point so as to facilitate smooth flow of traffic past the tollgate and to avoid unnecessary traffic queues and delays.

  • Reduce speed when approaching a designated tolling point.
  • Check if the lane is open or closed as indicated by a green or red “X” traffic light respectively on tollgate canopy directly overhead each lane.
  • Select the open lane and follow the queue systematically
  • Make sure you have the correct and appropriate toll fee for the class of your vehicle.
  • Ensure the cash is in smaller denominations to avoid change problems
  • Do not wait to look for the wallet when you are an the payment booth, have the cash ready well before getting to the payment point
  • If using a prepaid card, ensure the card is readily available before getting to the payment point
  • Vehicle exemption and residential discs should not be sticked on to the wind screen but should be kept in the sun visa and be produced upon request if required
  • Be friendly and cooperative with the dedicated ZINARA staff serving you at each tolling point.

Should a client feel unfairly treated/ handled or get dissatisfied with ZINARA staff or service rendered the following procedures should be followed to properly lodge a client complaint.

  • Request to see and talk to the Shift Senior Cashier who is the duty supervisor at each given time.
  • If the Senior Cashier fails to handle the issue, request contact details of the respective Tolling Operations Controller in charge of that specific tollgate.
  • Telephonically lodge a complaint to the Tolling Controller who will be able to resolve the issue right away.
  • If client remains unsatisfied, a formal complaint letter should be written and submitted to ZINARA.
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