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ZINARA accesses loans for purposes of boosting its coffers which are used to fund maintenance and rehabilitation of roads. Moreover, the entity also engages into Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) is various road-related projects to ensure Zimbabwean a good road network is provided for motorists both locally and those transiting our routes to neighboring countries.

The general condition of roads has deteriorated due to inadequate funding for routine maintenance. The primary responsibility of ZINARA through Government initiatives while other major roads will largely be developed through Public and Private Partnership (PPPs). The rehabilitation and maintenance of major trunk roads commenced in 2012 and is on-going. The introduction of tolling which is a User Pay Principle in August 2009 has contributed immensely in the mobilization of financial resources for rehabilitation and maintenance of the major national trunk road network.

ZINARA supports Government’s thrust to have a well-developed trunk road, rural and urban road network. This is evidenced by the funding of procurement of five (05) pothole patching machines for Department of Roads (DOR), City of Harare and City of Bulawayo; procurement of 80 Motorised graders for 60 Rural District Councils, District Development Fund and DOR, that has seen the support of Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio Economic Transformation (ZIMASSET) blue print. To this end over 46,000 km of gravel roads have been graded for the last two years. ZINARA has funded the rehabilitation of the 823km Plumtree – Harare - Mutare highway, which is a trunk road linking Zimbabwe and Botswana as well as Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The project was also done through a PPP arrangement which saw Zimbabwe accessing a loan of USD206 million from the Development Bank of Southern Africa.

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