Frequently Asked Questions

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) falls under the Ministry of Transport Infrastructural Development and was established in August 2001, in terms of the Roads Act of 2001 with the aim of enhancing road network system throughout Zimbabwe.

ZINARA’s functions include road fund management, providing secure, stable and adequate reservoir of funds, to fund effectively maintenance of the national road network through fixing, collection, disbursement and monitoring of funds usage for preservation, enhancement and sustainable development.

Road Authorities are categorized into The Department of Roads (DoR) in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development which is responsible for trunk roads, The Urban Councils (UCs) responsible for urban roads, The Rural District Councils (RDC) responsible for rural roads and The District Development Fund (DDF) which are responsible for rural roads.

ZINARA disburses funds to the Road Authorities. There are four types of disbursements- routine maintenance, periodic maintenance, emergency and special project fund.