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The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) wishes to advise members of the public using the ZINARA Prepaid Tolling Card that they need to update the Know Your Customer (KYC) details on or before 06 October 2021. Failure to do so within the prescribed timeframe will result in the card being permanently blocked.

Clients can update the KYC details using our website

Clients passing through our Tollgates can be assisted by ZINARA officials at the site who can scan a picture of their ID and the Prepaid Tolling Card for inputting in the system.

Motorists can share copies of their IDs and Mobile Phone numbers via 

We require the customers to fill the form by completing all the fields.

Along with the form is a copy of the identity document of the customer. 

Any of these documents can act as a valid proof of identity.

1 : National ID

2: Passport

3: Driver’s Licence

To be sent via Email to


Any queries and enquiries contact us and we will assist.

The forms are available at all tollgates and at any Zinara office.

You can download the form above ,fill and scan the form and send it via Email.

To :

You can leave the form @ any Zinara office or the Tollgate.


KYC Customer Form
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