Vehicle Licensing

Vehicle Licensing

  • Licencing Exemptions

    Vehicle Licensing Exemptions The Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act (Chapter 13:14) allow the motoring public to exempt all vehicles that are temporarily off the road due to one or several reasons. A vehicle licensing exemption period works in the same concept as the case of a vehicle licensing term, hence need subsequent renewal upon expiry. […]
  • Deregistration/Re-registration

    Vehicle De-Registration In terms of the law, the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act (Chapter 13:14), authorises the Central Vehicle registry (CVR) to compulsorily de-register all vehicles that fail to license for over a period of two years. The Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) administers the de-registration exercise through issuing a thirty- days’ notice, followed by the […]
  • Licencing Sites

    Vehicle Licensing Agents and Licensing Decentralisation The increasing vehicle population from 240,000 to 960,000 vehicles in our computerized database saw the need to appoint other agents and decentralize the collection service to all remote parts of the country. This led to the opening of ZINARA provincial licensing offices country-wide and the accreditation of licensing agents […]
  • Licence Payment Methods

    In line with the current Zimbabwean monetary policy, ZINARA allows the motoring to pay for vehicle licensing fees and through the following payment methods: (i) Cash payments Motorists can make cash payment of the relevant tariff at each licensing site or office. (ii) Point of Sale (POS) Swipe Motorists can pay for vehicle licence fees […]
  • Online Vehicle Licensing

  • Vehicle Classifications and Licencing Tariffs

  • Licencing History

    Background Summary Vehicle licensing is one of ZINARA’s key revenue streams which contributes 30% of the total annual revenue budget. ZINARA took over the mandate of collection of vehicle licensing from Councils and Municipalities, and appointed ZIMPOST as the collection agent in 2010. This was followed by introducing the Zimbabwe Licensing System (ZIMLIC System) and […]
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